Tailored Support Packages

With care the way it’s needed

Every child is different and every fostering case presents its own challenges and opportunities. That’s why FFI offers individually tailored support packages for children, young people and their families, even if they are not in FFI foster placements.

It’s all made possible by our Ireland-wide network of locally based resources and multi-disciplinary teams of child care experts. They all contribute to a tailored package of support that meets the specific needs of a child or young person.

Each tailored package provides an environment in which to make positive change with the support of the multi-disciplinary team, guiding both the carer and the child towards success.

Some of the packages have been designed to support new placements for an initial 12 week period, which is when some placements might normally break down. The extra supports can then be phased out as the placement stabilises.

Talk to us, and we will work with you to tailor a package that is most likely to work for a specific placement.

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About Key Assets

Key Assets – The Children’s Services provider is an international group of companies delivering flexible children and family social services solutions.

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Fostering First Ireland is part of a large global organisation, Key Assets, with fostering agencies from Australia, to Ireland, to America.