Case Studies

My name is Amy. I’ve been in care since I was eight years old and I’ve been with my FFI foster carers since I was 14. I’m in foster care because my mum had a problem with drink which meant she couldn’t look after me and my two younger brothers.
When she arrived, Aoife kept her head down and only spoke when she was spoken to. Very early on, I realised taking another foster child wouldn’t be beneficial to Aoife she needed one to one support and we are happy to provide that.
Mark came into care when he was 9 years of age. This is his story and how his time in care shaped his life. Things weren’t really great, I was living with mum and she wasn’t the most stable at that time. I was in and out of school with suspensions, constantly in trouble and
I’ve been in foster care since I was 9 years old. My life was not what you would call tragic before I came into foster care but there were certainly reasons for me needing to come into care. Since I have been in care I have lived with family and I have lived with foster
Alex came into care at 11 years of age alongside his two brothers. Now in his early twenties, he sat down to share his experience of Foster Care in his own words.

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