Meet Some of Our Foster Carers

Foster carers and their families are all different, but they do have some similarities. They all want to make a difference to a child who needs help. They offer support and are prepared to invest in the children placed with them. They are advocates for the children they care for whilst providing a nurturing, warm family environment. Find out more about fostering from some of our carers:

“When we told our own children that we were going to foster, they were quite excited about it”. Vijay, Pauline and their family have been fostering for just over 11 years. In that time they have made a lasting and positive difference in the lives of the many children they have cared for. In part
Ann and her husband James are vastly experienced Foster Carers having been fostering with FFI since 2010. Ann has a background in teaching and is a fantastic advocate for the children in her care. She is also a carer ambassador with Fostering First and utilises her experience to assist those interested those in taking the
Since becoming foster carers with Fostering First in 2009, Fiona and her husband Kenneth have provided placements to many children and young people of different ages and genders on long term, short-term and respite basis. The carers are driven to make a positive difference in the lives of the children they care and to ensure they are happy and healthy. Fiona outlines
The initial lockdown in 2020 saw people take up many personal challenges including banana bread baking, to 5k runs and everything in between. For Mairead and her family the journey they went on was a little different. Mairead openly had a long standing interest in becoming a Foster Carer. “It was something l always thought
Claire has been an approved carer with Fostering First for over a year. She has shared her story in hope of inspiring others to take the first steps in starting their own journey in making a difference in the lives of children and young people. When I made the decision to become a foster carer,
Sarah and Katy have been fostering with FFI for almost two years and are currently making a huge difference in the lives of the two young people in their care. This is their story. “We had thought about fostering for a very long time before we actually did any real research into it. We spoke
Sharon and Mick along with their daughter Kaitlin have been fostering with FFI for over three years now. Their story like many others highlights the impact that Foster Carers can have in the lives of children and young people and also the difference that fostering that has made to theirs.
Gary and Christina have been FFI Foster Carers since 2016. They decided to start the assessment process having been inspired by the amazing work that was being done by their relatives who are also carers with FFI. If you feel that you could make a difference to a child’s life like Gary and Christina, why
Gerry and Josie have been fostering with FFI since 2013 and currently care for a sibling group. In the video below the carers talk about the assessment process, the supports offered by FFI and also the differences that the children in their care have made to their lives.   If you think you could make
Sarah and John have been foster carers with FFI for almost 6 years. They live in the South East and are dry stock farmers. The couple are in their 50s and have five adult children and two foster children. Sarah and John applied to foster when Sarah retired from working fulltime outside of the family

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