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Children in Care – Aoife

One of our foster carers tells us about caring for Aoife:

“When she arrived, Aoife kept her head down and only spoke when she was spoken to. Very early on, I realised taking another foster child wouldn’t be beneficial to Aoife – she needed one to one support and we are happy to provide that. We enjoy all aspects of FFI including the social events, activities and days out where Aoife loves to meet the other children, and we have great fun on holidays abroad.

Aoife is now a lovely, lively, funny young woman holding her head up and becoming socially independent. However, she does need clear and constant guidelines due to her vulnerability. Aoife displays attention seeking behaviour and often speaks without thinking, which can have consequences which she needs to be aware of. We also have to constantly remind her about personal care. Aoife requires a lot of attention and I am privileged to give it.

The match of Aoife and I is amazing, miraculous actually. We go together like a hand and glove! We are well supported by FFI and I believe what I am doing is a great privilege.”

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