13-17 Years

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Live Classes. Live classes- from crafts to cookery to mindfulness – Click here. Cake. Fantastic chocolate cake recipe! – Click here. National Gallery National Drawing Day Saturday 16th May, get involved with lots of activities from now to inspire you in creating art – Click here.  Sticker Making. Make your own stickers with any design, […]

7-12 Years

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Festival of Cuiosity, Link to festival of curiosity Dublin (online 16th-17th July) – Click here.   Lego Lego has released online activities and resources for kids stuck at home – Click here.   Ocean Explorer. Explore the ocean and learn about the environment, live ocean cameras – Click here.   Vegetable Printing. Click here.    […]

Children Under 6.

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The Wellbeeings. An online well being family diary – Click Here.   Autism Blog. Autism friendly blog for younger children with free social story about staying home – Click Here    Indoor Games. Ideas and resources for indoor games, if the weather isn’t good – Click here and here.   The Rainforest Learn all about the […]

Post Primary Education Resources


Khan Academy. Khanacademy.org – not specifically targeted Irish schools, but course content is among the videos and well worth checking out for any level.   Quizlet Quizlet.com – easy to use platform to make their own flashcards. Free version covers enough.   Dublin Academy of Education Dublin Academy of Education on YouTube – vidoes on […]

Primary and Special Educational Needs Resources

Foster Child Studying

For Children on ASD Spectrum.  Daily plan for anyone on the ASD spectrum or young person with learning difficulty. Easy action cards and pictures to explain what is going on and how to stay busy when normal routine has gone. Click Here. Scoilnet. scoilnet.ie – lots of worksheets and topics for researching. Dedicated pages for […]

Foster Carer Wellbeing

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Its important to take some time everyday to look after yourself. Below are some helpful tips and tutorials to help you get that slot of “you” time every day. Be it yoga, mindfulness or home exercise, we will do our best to keep the suggestions coming to help you keep calm in the eye of […]

Speaking to Children about Coronavirus

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How we speak to children about the outbreak of Coronavirus is key to ensure they dont become scared of overwhelmed. Much like adults they can become overly consious of the negativty in the media or online. The resources below will help you explain things to them at their level along with evidencing what the virus […]

Childrens Activities


Keeping children both mentally and physically active is key during the current situation. Our resource sections below will aim to ensure they’re never left bored for too long. Children Under 6 6 – 12 years 13 – 17 years 18 years+  

Educational Resources

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Our educational resources for children and young people are linked below. Primary and Special Educational Needs Resources Post Primary Education Resources