Key Assets Review


Key Assets is part of the Core Assets Group and together we provide foster care and children’s services across four continents.

This publication serves a dual purpose. Firstly to review the developments of
Key Assets during the last two years, in particular our expansion, and secondly to mark the rebrand of our company.

In 2005 we started in the Republic of Ireland and named this company Fostering First Ireland. Over the following few years
we adopted unique company names fitting with the local environment. With an array of brands and a confusing commercial story the decision was taken earlier this year to gradually brand all non UK companies to Key Assets, The Children’s Services Provider.

Our new logo depicts our global reach
and the abstract graphic with its hole has caused much discussion; is it to make it look like a key, or is it the blank canvas that we as a company seek to fill when we start in a new country, or is it the service gap, space or niche we seek to fulfil?

It can be whatever we want it to be, for
it’s a constant reminder that there are always places in the world where there is a requirement to meet the needs of children and young people.

Children are at the core of all we do and key to the future of society. They are assets and not liabilities and those responsible for them need to invest in their development and futures.

Foster carers are the company’s ‘key assets’ and our acknowledgement of them as the ‘agent of change’ for the children they
look after means we in return have to look after their needs, through 24 hour support, training, therapeutic consultation etc.

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